From Russia, with Love

Though the season last year ended disappointingly for T1 as they did not run a car at Silverstone, the future already looks brighter as UGR heads into the new year having already secured victory. The team entered a developmental competition in Moscow, Russia in the Class III division. The team was represented by senior members Calum MacDonald, Yavor Gegov and Gus Thomas and they traveled to the ADM Raceway on the outskirts of Moscow. When asked why UGRacing had achieved so much in Russia, Head engineer Calum MacDonald said that it was due to the solid presentation of our design and with good reasoning behind each design decision. It is impossible to expect to win, with just bland presentation. It is crucial to show that a team started with a design philosophy and that this philosophy was used continuously through out the building of the car. This was one of the things that UGRacing delivered effectively to the judges and this solid reasoning was a big contributing factor to our win. Furthermore, some innovative solutions, such as a lightweight student designed and manufactured differential also showed the design talent within UGR and this was reflected in our scores. Moving away from design, UGR also won in the business event. Although there
were criticisms regarding lack of originality, we pitched a solid all-round business plan, coupled with real market research which impressed the judges. Finally, UGR came second in the cost event which was down to the time and effort that was put into developing the cost report. This was backed up by the previous cost report from Silverstone, that allowed us to give well informed answers
regarding any costing that had been done by the team.
This win in Russia paves the way for the new direction of Formula Student at Glasgow, and we continue this year with high expectations for similar results in summer.

/Harriet Tymon-Johnson