UGRacing record best ever result at Formula Student 2015

UGR secured it’s best ever results at Formula Student 2015, finishing 51st out of 97 competing entrants. The 2015 team was one of our youngest in history, comprising of mostly 2nd & 3rd year engineering students. For the majority of the team Formula Student 2015 was their first taste of competition, and everyone was eager to perform well at Silverstone. The competition started well for the team. UGR-15 made the pre-scrutineering checklist, and was with the judges by midday on the first day. With a few minor changes to make, the team comfortably passed the first four stages of srutineering. The first big hurdle came at the Noise test. On a very hot day when everything had been going so well, the decibel noise level coming from the exhaust was too high for the Silverstone marshal’s liking. The Electronics team got to work on an attempt to bring down the idling RPM, and after a few hours of trial and error along with a few hardware modifications, the car passed the fifth stage of scrutineering. A jubilant team rushed the car to the final scrutineering test, knowing passing here would get us on track immediately for all the events. Unfortunately joy quickly turned to despair as our front left brake disc failed, wrecking havoc in the whole assembly. With no replacement part and a broken caliper, Formula Student 2015 appeared to be over for UGR. However in a stroke of luck, the team were approached by Kazbro, a machining company based out of London who were willing to manufacture us four new brake discs overnight, to be ready in time for the final Endurance event on Sunday afternoon. While the drama in scrutineering was ongoing, the team put in strong performances in the static events, particularly the business presentation. A huge amount of experience was gained by the team in the static events this year, and we hope to improve our results even further in 2016. With the new brake discs arriving Sunday morning, the team rushed to pass the final few stages of scrutineering and head onto track for Endurance. A huge downpour before our timeslot brought out the wet tyres, and soon after Calum MacDonald was away in UGR-15 on track. The car lasted 6 laps, before being pulled in for an oil leak, not a big problem at all, but unfortunately resulted in a lot of smoke coming out the back! Nevertheless, the team had recovered superbly to be able to race less than 24 hours after our disc failure. A fantastic effort from all involved, and we look to improve on our result next year.