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St Paul’s School visit

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Showing the world what goes on behind Formula Student’s closed doors is something we love to do best, so getting the chance to show our ever-growing wisdom of wooden cars was an afternoon well spent!

Exposing young minds to engineering and the world of formula racing is crucial (in our opinion – which is 100% right every time). Being able to interact with inquisitive minds and help construct models of cars was both rewarding and entertaining, as we were able to assist small groups of children in developing their mathematical and cooperative skills.

Being asked personally by the pupils themselves to come and offer our assistance made us feel rather honoured. Splitting everyone into small groups, the team members each took a mini team for themselves and started a fierce competition to see whose construction was the best – or actually ran.

St Paul’s School visit

St Paul’s School visit

The pupils got an opportunity to run their creations and present their work to the rest of the class. This is all preparation for what’s expected by an actual formula student, so we were essentially giving them a taster of what could be possible for them in the future! 

Applying our knowledge to the outside world is essential, and reaching out to youngsters in need of guidance is something that we were absolutely delighted to assist with. It was an entertaining day of learning and prepping potential formula students.

See our little video from the afternoon below!

Welcome to the Sponsorship-team

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This year UGR decided to draft in a sponsorship team, to take care of the any financial sponsorship deals and target possible new sponsors. This years team is lead by first year business student Christopher Haslund and he is supported by six others, who work collaboratively to be as efficient as possible. This year we are intending to target Glasgow based companies as well as some larger business who we hope will see the potential in investing in formula student. The sponsorship team has also taken over the social side of UGRacing, as well as the communicative side through the newsletter and planning the car launch.

/ Harriet Tymon-Johnson

From Russia, with Love

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Though the season last year ended disappointingly for T1 as they did not run a car at Silverstone, the future already looks brighter as UGR heads into the new year having already secured victory. The team entered a developmental competition in Moscow, Russia in the Class III division. The team was represented by senior members Calum MacDonald, Yavor Gegov and Gus Thomas and they traveled to the ADM Raceway on the outskirts of Moscow. When asked why UGRacing had achieved so much in Russia, Head engineer Calum MacDonald said that it was due to the solid presentation of our design and with good reasoning behind each design decision. It is impossible to expect to win, with just bland presentation. It is crucial to show that a team started with a design philosophy and that this philosophy was used continuously through out the building of the car. This was one of the things that UGRacing delivered effectively to the judges and this solid reasoning was a big contributing factor to our win. Furthermore, some innovative solutions, such as a lightweight student designed and manufactured differential also showed the design talent within UGR and this was reflected in our scores. Moving away from design, UGR also won in the business event. Although there
were criticisms regarding lack of originality, we pitched a solid all-round business plan, coupled with real market research which impressed the judges. Finally, UGR came second in the cost event which was down to the time and effort that was put into developing the cost report. This was backed up by the previous cost report from Silverstone, that allowed us to give well informed answers
regarding any costing that had been done by the team.
This win in Russia paves the way for the new direction of Formula Student at Glasgow, and we continue this year with high expectations for similar results in summer.

/Harriet Tymon-Johnson

An update from Andrew

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Welcome to a new season and in many ways a fresh start for UGRacing! A lot has changed since our last proper newsletter earlier this year. With new places and fresh faces (myself included!), the start to our 2014/15 season has been dramatic to say the least.
After being unable to field a running car at the competition this year, UGRacing found its feet again with a solid performance by our development team in their Silverstone design competition. Out of 24 original entries, our rookie members finished in 12th place, beating teams with budgets several times larger than our own. However the team’s biggest success this summer came in September at the inaugural Formula Student Russia competition. UGRacing won the Class III event, bringing home the team’s first ever trophies! As well as finishing overall winners, the team also won the individual design and business competitions, and placed second in the cost presentation.
Over the summer we have had to say goodbye to several long-term members as they graduate or go on placement. It is always sad to lose team members, and we wish them the very best of luck in the future wherever they end up. However this has paved the way for several members of last year’s development team to step up to Class I and show what they are capable of.
Thousands of hours have already been put into the development of our 2015 challenger, and it pleases me to say that we are roughly 6 months ahead of where we were last year. At this stage we are looking to have the car built by the start of March 2015, a new record for the team.
Finally, on behalf of the team I would like to thank both the University and all of our sponsors for their continued support. Their helpfulness has made this transition period smoother than I could have imagined, and we would not be standing in such a strong position without them. I hope you enjoy this first newsletter of what is arguably the start of a new chapter in UGRacing’s history.

/Andrew Reid