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Dyno Testing Update

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On Monday 26th Feb, we took the UGR-17 car to Sitech Racing in Wellwood to do some engine tuning and Dyno runs. While we didn’t have enough time for a full map, after some adjustments the engine now runs smoothly and works well with the recent fuel system changes, including the new fuel pressure regulator. The guys from Sitech were exceptionally friendly and we’re looking forward to seeing them again in a few weeks when we bring them our new engine for a full tune and some power runs.


Testing at Cranfield

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Team heads Andrew and Todd, team member Callum and former Head engineer Kester recently took a trip down to Cranfield Impact Centre, a vehicle testing lab on Cranfield University campus. The test involved sliding a 634kg mass into a representation of the front section of our car, consisting of the front bulkhead, steel anti-intrusion plate, and aluminium honeycomb impact attenuator. The exact results were very close to our predictions from past tests and simulations and we are confident our report will satisfy the FSUK judges and allow us to compete at Silverstone in the summer.

Alongside the testing, we were also given a tour of the Cranfield University campus. Thanks to all the team at the Impact Centre, we have gained some highly valuable data that can be carried forward into future years to further improve the safety and competitiveness of our car. In addition, a special mention must be given for our main supporter, Arnold Clark, who were able to provide us with a rental car to make the journey.”