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Pedal Box Update

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Matt has been hard at work in the garage building a steel prototype pedal box which will be machined from aluminium once all the mechanisms and packaging are finalised. The aim is to reduce the size and increase the stiffness of the design.

Chassis Updates

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The UGR team have been hard at work in the garage! At the beginning of February we removed the chassis from the MDF jig, then positioned and fabricated our steering collum. We then test fitted the engine, intake and exhaust to allow us to get all the mounting sorted for the radiator, headrest and other powertain and driver environment components. So far, so good! Keep an eye on our Instagram (@ugracing) for regular build updates.

UGR-19 Sprockets

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Check out our brand new sprockets for UGR-19!

Daniel, who designed the sprockets, explains: “It was decided that a new final drive ratio was needed to complement the switch to smaller 10-inch wheels. With the help of OptimumLap simulations, a smaller rear sprocket was decided upon and then simulated in the finite element software Abaqus to ensure the geometry can withstand the torque from the engine.” ⁣

A big thanks to the University of Glasgow’s mechanical workshop for making them for us.

Congratulations to Andrew!

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A massive congratulations to our old Team Principal, Andrew Reid, who has just started working at Williams F1 team. Andrew led the team for 3 years, including in 2018 when we achieved our best ever result. From driving the car to presenting in the business presentation finals – Williams are lucky to have him!Andrew driving UGR-18 at Silverstone during Formula Student 2018

UGRacing Visitors

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The team have been delighted to welcome several visitors over the last couple of months. 

In November several members from The Hammermen of Glasgow dropped by to hear about our Silverstone success and our plans for the upcoming year. We are incredibly appreciative that The Incorporation have offered their support in previous years and hope their logo will be remaining on our 2019 car!

At the beginning of January GU68 Trustees Donald Coutts and George Leslie visited for a progress report and garage visit. We’re very grateful to the Engineers’ Trust who have granted us funding this year and we thoroughly enjoyed their visit. 

GU68 trustees in the UGR garage

UGRacing Q&A with IMechE

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Chris Smout from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers recently reached out to the team to ask if we’d like to do an interview which would be featured on the IMechE website, and of course we said “yes!”.

You can read the full interview here

A big thank you to Chris for getting us involved.

Forrestburn Hillclimb Track Demonstration

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This week the team took UGR-18 to Forrestburn Hillclimb track to do a demonstration run. The visit was organised with Monklands Car Club as part of our outreach programme to increase engagement with the local motorsport community and was attended by local college students and members of Scottish Motorsport. Despite the freezing conditions we managed to get UGR-18 out on a few laps of the hill climb track, with our driver Neil describing the experience as “absolutely awesome!”. We also managed to collect some data from the laps which will be useful justifying suspension design and improving our mathematical model simulations of the car. The event marked the last run of UGR-18, but was definitely a fitting farewell!

UGR-18 at Forrestburn Hill ClimbPhoto courtesy of Robert Morris @robertjohnmorris

Testing at WSKC

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We’ve made good progress on redesigning our unsprung mass and suspension systems in preparation for the move from 13″ to 10″ wheels. To aid this redesign we took UGR-18 to WSKC for testing. We have been able to collect vehicle dynamics telemetry data in order to help with design verification for UGR-19. The focus for the day was on suspension and unsprung mass, however, the team also ran noise tests on our exhaust silencer to validate Ricardo WAVE simulations. We were able to experiment with ways to minimise noise while maximising power, such as body panel dampening. The testing will be invaluable for the designing of UGR-19.

You can head over to our YouTube channel to watch an onboard video from the day!

car at wskc

2019 Team Structure

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This season UGRacing has added over 30 members to the team. From a range of various backgrounds, the new members are already extremely excited to contribute and bring new skills to the design of the car and help with the smooth running of the team. With this large increase in the team’s size, we can spread our work more effectively and put our resources to better use.

With the large recruitment effort this season, the sub-teams have expanded significantly. As such, Human Resources & Logistics has split from Sponsorship & Marketing to form a new sub-team. This will allow for smoother organisation of specific events such as our annual car launch with more specialised team roles now in place.

This year also sees the return of our Team 2, made entirely of new recruits, who will spend the year working on a design-only project which will also be entered at the Formula Student competition in July. Each new recruit has been paired with a more experienced team member, a teaching method developed in recent years with great success

Dyno Testing Update

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On Monday 26th Feb, we took the UGR-17 car to Sitech Racing in Wellwood to do some engine tuning and Dyno runs. While we didn’t have enough time for a full map, after some adjustments the engine now runs smoothly and works well with the recent fuel system changes, including the new fuel pressure regulator. The guys from Sitech were exceptionally friendly and we’re looking forward to seeing them again in a few weeks when we bring them our new engine for a full tune and some power runs.


Testing at Cranfield

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Team heads Andrew and Todd, team member Callum and former Head engineer Kester recently took a trip down to Cranfield Impact Centre, a vehicle testing lab on Cranfield University campus. The test involved sliding a 634kg mass into a representation of the front section of our car, consisting of the front bulkhead, steel anti-intrusion plate, and aluminium honeycomb impact attenuator. The exact results were very close to our predictions from past tests and simulations and we are confident our report will satisfy the FSUK judges and allow us to compete at Silverstone in the summer.

Alongside the testing, we were also given a tour of the Cranfield University campus. Thanks to all the team at the Impact Centre, we have gained some highly valuable data that can be carried forward into future years to further improve the safety and competitiveness of our car. In addition, a special mention must be given for our main supporter, Arnold Clark, who were able to provide us with a rental car to make the journey.”

Ignition Festival

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This weekend UGR-17 was displayed at Ignition Festival of Motoring in the SECC Glasgow. The packed festival kept the team busy and talkative, with many of the younger attendees even getting a chance to sit in the car. UGR-17 was exhibited alongside legendary F1 cars, championship winning rally cars, as well as supercars, classics, motorbikes, and more! The weekend was a success for the team, with the stall busy all weekend with impressed spectators.

Anthony Nolan Ben Nevis Challenge

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A massive well done to all our team members who have summited Ben Nevis today! Earlier this year our Head of Logistics, Eve, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Eve’s unfortunate diagnosis has inspired UGRacing to support her and others facing blood cancers and disorders, by raising money and awareness for Anthony Nolan. UGRacing’s Ben Nevis Challenge has raised over £1,250 for the charity so far, a fantastic achievement by all involved.

Please take the time to read more about our story and the challenge we have taken on to raise vital funds for an incredible charity.


UGR car launch!

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UGRacing were delighted to unveil this year’s entry in the Formula Student UK 2017 event to sponsors, family, friends and fellow competitors. The event was a great success with all attendees enjoying the event. In addition, we were honoured to have received a personal message from the 2017 Le Mans winner in the LMGTE Pro class, Jonny Adam.

With the event now over, all that remains is to complete some more testing, allowing all drivers sufficient time to practise in the car. The team is extremely confident that this year will be the best yet and can’t wait to compete at the competition.


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-19 at 14.15.15WhatsApp Image 2017-09-19 at 14.15.15 (1)

Our Condolences for Sir Arnold Clark

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UGRacing are deeply saddened by the news of Sir Arnold Clark’s passing last week. Arnold Clark Automobiles have been a valued partner of UGRacing for many years, and their support has been invaluable in the team’s progress. Sir Arnold Clark was an inspirational business man and on behalf of UGRacing, we extend our condolences to his family and loved ones.

UGRacing Enter Formula SAE Italy 2016

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Today the team received confirmation of our entry place at Formula SAE Italy 2016! The event will be held at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Italy between the 22nd and 25th of July.

This is the teams first ever appearance at Formula SAE Italy, and our first appearance at a second Class 1 competition.

More information about the event can be found here:

UGR Confirmed at Formula Student 2016

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Exciting news today as we confirmed our place at the 2016 installation of Formula Student. It will be held at Silverstone International Race Circuit between the 14th and 17th of July this summer. The team are looking to improve on results from last year and are in the final stage of perfecting our 2016 car.

2015 Reflection

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First semester is almost over and exam season is now upon us. As the team winds down its activities for the year, we can look back on what has been an incredibly successful 2015. Back in July, UGRacing recorded their best ever results at Formula Student, finishing 17th out of 45 UK teams, and overall 51st out of 97 competing entries. While this was a fantastic achievement for all involved, it marks only the beginning of a long journey to turn UGR into a highly competitive Formula Student team.

As is the nature of any university student project, the team is a constant revolving door of fresh faces (and with them, new ideas). If you’re lucky, at the very most you get 5 years out of a team member. In such a short timeframe, learning the relevant skills, developing and furthering team ideas, and then passing on everything you’ve learnt to younger team members is by no means an easy task. Knowledge retention is an area the team has failed at in the past, and something I have directly tried to improve during my time as Team Principal. Only time will tell how effective these changes has been, but I believe the fact that UGR-16 is in many ways an upgraded version of its predecessor shows that we are on the right track.

Nevertheless, it is always sad to lose team members that have been affiliated with UGR for the majority of their university careers. This year we have said goodbye to two members in particular who collectively have spent almost 10 years with the team. Throughout their time, Calum MacDonald & Yavor Gegov have held a number of senior positions as well as designing multiple key components on our cars. On behalf of everyone in the team I want to thank them for all their contributions and wish them the very best of luck in the future.

With the successes of our 2015 year now a comforting memory, everyone is fully focused on making UGR-16 our fastest car to date. The finishing touches are being added to the designs, and the team is now entering the manufacturing phase of the season. The 23 new recruits are also beginning to settle into UGR and we’re excited to see their contributions to the team in years to come. However in the short-term future, exams take precedence and the team has already begun to wrap things up for this semester. UGR has had a fantastic start to this academic year, and we looking forward to showing off our newest creation at our 2016 car launch.

Andrew Reid

Team Principal

UGRacing at Dinner With Industry

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UGRacing were delighted to showcase the car at the Glasgow University Dinner with Industry event on the 8th of November. The dinner, which brought together students and professionals from a range of engineering companies, allowed the chance for UGRacing members to speak to potential employers such as ch2m and Selex Es who sponsored the dinner. It also gave us the chance to introduce people to our car, showing off all the work from the past year to faculty, other students and professionals. It was an honour to be mentioned and we would like to thank the University’s Engineering Society for organizing the evening.

UGRacing record best ever result at Formula Student 2015

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UGR secured it’s best ever results at Formula Student 2015, finishing 51st out of 97 competing entrants. The 2015 team was one of our youngest in history, comprising of mostly 2nd & 3rd year engineering students. For the majority of the team Formula Student 2015 was their first taste of competition, and everyone was eager to perform well at Silverstone. The competition started well for the team. UGR-15 made the pre-scrutineering checklist, and was with the judges by midday on the first day. With a few minor changes to make, the team comfortably passed the first four stages of srutineering. The first big hurdle came at the Noise test. On a very hot day when everything had been going so well, the decibel noise level coming from the exhaust was too high for the Silverstone marshal’s liking. The Electronics team got to work on an attempt to bring down the idling RPM, and after a few hours of trial and error along with a few hardware modifications, the car passed the fifth stage of scrutineering. A jubilant team rushed the car to the final scrutineering test, knowing passing here would get us on track immediately for all the events. Unfortunately joy quickly turned to despair as our front left brake disc failed, wrecking havoc in the whole assembly. With no replacement part and a broken caliper, Formula Student 2015 appeared to be over for UGR. However in a stroke of luck, the team were approached by Kazbro, a machining company based out of London who were willing to manufacture us four new brake discs overnight, to be ready in time for the final Endurance event on Sunday afternoon. While the drama in scrutineering was ongoing, the team put in strong performances in the static events, particularly the business presentation. A huge amount of experience was gained by the team in the static events this year, and we hope to improve our results even further in 2016. With the new brake discs arriving Sunday morning, the team rushed to pass the final few stages of scrutineering and head onto track for Endurance. A huge downpour before our timeslot brought out the wet tyres, and soon after Calum MacDonald was away in UGR-15 on track. The car lasted 6 laps, before being pulled in for an oil leak, not a big problem at all, but unfortunately resulted in a lot of smoke coming out the back! Nevertheless, the team had recovered superbly to be able to race less than 24 hours after our disc failure. A fantastic effort from all involved, and we look to improve on our result next year.

St Paul’s School visit

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Showing the world what goes on behind Formula Student’s closed doors is something we love to do best, so getting the chance to show our ever-growing wisdom of wooden cars was an afternoon well spent!

Exposing young minds to engineering and the world of formula racing is crucial (in our opinion – which is 100% right every time). Being able to interact with inquisitive minds and help construct models of cars was both rewarding and entertaining, as we were able to assist small groups of children in developing their mathematical and cooperative skills.

Being asked personally by the pupils themselves to come and offer our assistance made us feel rather honoured. Splitting everyone into small groups, the team members each took a mini team for themselves and started a fierce competition to see whose construction was the best – or actually ran.

St Paul’s School visit

St Paul’s School visit

The pupils got an opportunity to run their creations and present their work to the rest of the class. This is all preparation for what’s expected by an actual formula student, so we were essentially giving them a taster of what could be possible for them in the future! 

Applying our knowledge to the outside world is essential, and reaching out to youngsters in need of guidance is something that we were absolutely delighted to assist with. It was an entertaining day of learning and prepping potential formula students.

See our little video from the afternoon below!

Welcome to the Sponsorship-team

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This year UGR decided to draft in a sponsorship team, to take care of the any financial sponsorship deals and target possible new sponsors. This years team is lead by first year business student Christopher Haslund and he is supported by six others, who work collaboratively to be as efficient as possible. This year we are intending to target Glasgow based companies as well as some larger business who we hope will see the potential in investing in formula student. The sponsorship team has also taken over the social side of UGRacing, as well as the communicative side through the newsletter and planning the car launch.

/ Harriet Tymon-Johnson

From Russia, with Love

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Though the season last year ended disappointingly for T1 as they did not run a car at Silverstone, the future already looks brighter as UGR heads into the new year having already secured victory. The team entered a developmental competition in Moscow, Russia in the Class III division. The team was represented by senior members Calum MacDonald, Yavor Gegov and Gus Thomas and they traveled to the ADM Raceway on the outskirts of Moscow. When asked why UGRacing had achieved so much in Russia, Head engineer Calum MacDonald said that it was due to the solid presentation of our design and with good reasoning behind each design decision. It is impossible to expect to win, with just bland presentation. It is crucial to show that a team started with a design philosophy and that this philosophy was used continuously through out the building of the car. This was one of the things that UGRacing delivered effectively to the judges and this solid reasoning was a big contributing factor to our win. Furthermore, some innovative solutions, such as a lightweight student designed and manufactured differential also showed the design talent within UGR and this was reflected in our scores. Moving away from design, UGR also won in the business event. Although there
were criticisms regarding lack of originality, we pitched a solid all-round business plan, coupled with real market research which impressed the judges. Finally, UGR came second in the cost event which was down to the time and effort that was put into developing the cost report. This was backed up by the previous cost report from Silverstone, that allowed us to give well informed answers
regarding any costing that had been done by the team.
This win in Russia paves the way for the new direction of Formula Student at Glasgow, and we continue this year with high expectations for similar results in summer.

/Harriet Tymon-Johnson

An update from Andrew

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Welcome to a new season and in many ways a fresh start for UGRacing! A lot has changed since our last proper newsletter earlier this year. With new places and fresh faces (myself included!), the start to our 2014/15 season has been dramatic to say the least.
After being unable to field a running car at the competition this year, UGRacing found its feet again with a solid performance by our development team in their Silverstone design competition. Out of 24 original entries, our rookie members finished in 12th place, beating teams with budgets several times larger than our own. However the team’s biggest success this summer came in September at the inaugural Formula Student Russia competition. UGRacing won the Class III event, bringing home the team’s first ever trophies! As well as finishing overall winners, the team also won the individual design and business competitions, and placed second in the cost presentation.
Over the summer we have had to say goodbye to several long-term members as they graduate or go on placement. It is always sad to lose team members, and we wish them the very best of luck in the future wherever they end up. However this has paved the way for several members of last year’s development team to step up to Class I and show what they are capable of.
Thousands of hours have already been put into the development of our 2015 challenger, and it pleases me to say that we are roughly 6 months ahead of where we were last year. At this stage we are looking to have the car built by the start of March 2015, a new record for the team.
Finally, on behalf of the team I would like to thank both the University and all of our sponsors for their continued support. Their helpfulness has made this transition period smoother than I could have imagined, and we would not be standing in such a strong position without them. I hope you enjoy this first newsletter of what is arguably the start of a new chapter in UGRacing’s history.

/Andrew Reid

Welcome back to a new UGRacing!

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Welcome back to a new year at UGRacing. This year we hope to learn from both the successes and failures of last year and build on the triumph of our participation in Russia. This quarter will be a learning process for all students, but particularly for our new Class II members, who will be led by Scott Vickers as they focus on our developmental side for next year. This years car is already into the building phase as we prepare for Silverstone, as well as exciting other international competitions.
We go into the new year with the new team principal Andrew Reid at the helm. Andrew gained his experience as Class II principal last year and will help the team move on, in a new approach to this year. Calum MacDonald is also returning to the team after a year long work placement at Rolls Royce and former team principal Yavor Gegov will be working in an advisory role as he begins his masters at Glasgow University. This effective management team will be overseeing, what hopefully will be the most successful year of UGRacing yet to come.

– Harriet Tymon-Johnson

Autosport International Car Show 2014

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Several team members of UGRacing made their way down to Autosport International this year to speak to current, and potential future sponsors, tell people about what we do, and see all the automotive glory Autosport has to display. Here are some of the many many pictures we all took between us. We’ll most definitely be back next year.

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Freshers Week Recruitment

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We were at the Freshers Fair this week showing the new students our car, and educating people on our recruitment process for the 2013/14 season. We had a prime position in front of the memorial gate thanks to the Student Representative Council (SRC), and managed to get a large footfall through our stand. Students from all courses came to find out what we do, and we managed to gain a list of ~90 students interested in hearing more about our recruitment process in the next few weeks. A very successful two days!

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Formula Student 2013: Technical Photos

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We’ve put together a gallery of our favourite technical photos from the other cars at Formula Student 2013 just as much for your benefit as ours. With the rules for the competition being so open for innovation, no two cars look the same. It is always interesting to see what other teams are doing, whether it be better or worse than our own work.

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